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A shitty point of view
Brought me back to you
When you slammed the door
My shirt still on the floor
You got bad contused
When you flipped an illegal U
When your body well it flew
But your soul got the upper view

Once every hundred years
God and my dad grab a beer
From their places on opposite sides
Of the heavenly divide
And they talk about girls and football
And they dream just like any old guys
And once in awhile they laugh
And once in awhile they cry
But they mostly stare off into space
And watch shit fly by

A shitty point of view
Brought me back to you
Your footprints on my wall
From crawling across my bed
Your hand marks on my sink
From the place where we both drank lead
From the kitchen where we both bled
Cuttin' vegetables i guess
And your mom left a couple hundred messages
On my answering machine
But my mailbox just got full
And we let our feelings dull
Til you walked across the floor
Til the night you slammed the door

There’s a mirror on my gravestone
Where i see all my friends who’ve died
And when they lower me inside
There’ll be mirrors in my coffin too
So i can see myself as well
As I’m lowered down to hell
For quite a lengthy spell
And I’ll never get out
Unless you yank me with your mouth
In a final angel kiss
Though i’ll be some demon's piss
They’ll take a picture in between and they’ll call it eternal bliss

Well a shitty point of view
Is what brought me back to you
And our love was overdue
Like rotting on the shelf
Didn’t lead to much good health
But it brought the devil wealth
When he gobbled up my soul
That’s what’s called devils gold
That’s what’s called devils gold
That’s what’s called devils gold




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Vender & The Cobras Chicago, Illinois

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